Integrate collaboration into your Drupal website!

Integration into Druapl enables you to directly start a conference from your Drupal based website. You can create the conference rooms in the backend and users in the frontend simply click a link to enter the conference room.
There are a number of integration possibilities, for example where to put the links to download or watch the recordings made within a conference room. Or for example where the links to the rooms should be exactly displayed.


  • Single click from the website to the conference room
  • Administration of conference room from backend
  • Users can manage conference room in the frontend
  • Download Recordings made in the backend/frontend
  • Sync files to conference rooms

Demo videos

The demo video show a standard Drupal website and the configuration of the plugin:

Options and packages

There is further an integration with Asterisk VoIP server for OpenMeetings to call a mobile or phone from the conference room.

Where to get a quote for it?

To get a quote for Drupal and / or VoIP integration contact us:

See also our other integration possibilities