About webbase-design.com

Webbase-design.com is a commercial entity behind this web site and led by Sebastian Wagner. Sebastian founded Openmeetings in 2007 and fostered a strong community around the project.

Sebastian and the team provide commercial service for Openmeetings which includes Openmeetings installation hosting and services and:

See FAQ for details. You can also sign-up for free and try out!

We prefer inquiries via email to our english speaking international Sales office!

Apache, Apache OpenMeetings, OpenMeetings are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation in the United States and/or other countries.


Sebastian Wagner
Kaiserstraße 66
76133 Karlsruhe

Telefon: ++49 (0) 721 467 27327
Telefax: ++49 (0) 721 467 27327
e-Mail: service@openmeetings.de
Website: www.webbase-design.com

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