Talk to customers live and direct!

What can be more impressive to your customer than directly talking to a sales representive just with a single click? With the new Magento integration in OpenMeetings visitors of your Online Shop can directly talk and/or see your sales representative!

The website user does not need a webcam or microphone. He could start by writing text messages, while your sales team representative is visible with audio and video.
The website user could of course enable his audio or video. In case you talk about business critical details you can switch to another conference room at any time.


  • Single click from the website to a conference room
  • Manage conference rooms from the backend
  • Conference room can be restricted to users or public
  • Conference room can be shown only for a certain period
  • You can record meetings and make the recordings available on your website

Demo Video

Packages and options

There is further an integration with Asterisk VoIP server to call on the phone from the Web-Conference.

Where to get a quote?

To get a quote for Magento and / or VoIP integration contact us:

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